Frequently Asked Questions


What does ITE stand for?

  • The company’s full name is Inception to Exhibition, but we are primarily known as ITE.


What is ITE?

  • ITE is a non-profit art service organization serving the New York City area.


Is ITE a non-profit 501(c)3 organization?

  • ITE is not a 501(c)3 organization but is a non-profit due to our fiscal sponsorship status through Fractured Atlas so all donations to ITE are tax-deductable to the full extent of the law.


What type of artists do you serve?

  • ITE is a multidisciplinary arts organization servicing artists in the fields of dance, theater, music, film, and visual art.


How do I make a donation?

  • We accept donations primarily through our website www.iteny.org by going to the support page and clicking on the fiscal sponsorship drop down box. Donations can also be made by check. The check must be written out to Fractured Atlas with Inception to Exhibition in the memo line.


Why do I make the check out to Fractured Atlas?

  • Fractured Atlas is ITE’s fiscal sponsor, which allows all of our donations to be tax-deductible.


Do you have your own space?

  • ITE is a venue-less presenter that has developed relationships with existing venues that allow us to host our events at various spaces throughout Manhattan. This model keeps our overhead low allowing the majority of funds to go to our affiliated artists.


How many board members do you have?

  • ITE has two boards an Advisory and an Executive. The Advisory board is currently made up of 8 people excluding the founders and the Executive Board is comprised of 7 people excluding the founders.


How long has ITE been around?

  • ITE was granted fiscal sponsorship status in 2010.