Artist Services

Inception to Exhibition (ITE) aids a wide variety of artists giving them spaces suitable to their needs while allowing their visibility within the arts community to become more consistent.

“I” Events: Inception starts with you

I-Events: Inception is a core mission for the organization, and it is a cornerstone of the artistic process. There are a number of organizations that exist to help present finished work, but we have an equal focus on stimulating artists and presenting opportunities for them to share their inspirations both in the rehearsal studio and the community.

The ITE Space Grant Program is designed to give artists in the New York City area the opportunity to create new work in a stable rehearsal environment conducive to their upcoming projects. Grant recipients receive up to 50 hours of free rehearsal space subsidized by ITE. Each year two New York based artists in various disciplines are selected to receive this grant.

The Artists We Support

We support three tiers of artists at ITE, Emerging, Middle-tier and Upper-tier. Below is a more full description of our artists’ tiers.

“Emerging” Artists:

  • Interdisciplinary focus, 2-5 years of presenting/performing experience

“Middle-tier” Artists:

  • Budget under $30,000, large audience following, established in their field

”Upper-tier” Artists:

  • Budget over $30,000, established public following, and resume includes performances at large national venues.

“E” Events: Exhibition ends with your audience

E-Events: These showcases allow artists to present finished works, allowing greater exposure and the potential to attract new audiences. The goal is also to bring the public into new experiences so they can expand their appreciation and love of the arts.