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NYs & TOs Sells Out

Thank you to all of you who came out and supported ITE’s 2013/14 Season Opening Performance of NYs & TOs. It was a wonderful night with superb talent, wonderful company and great food and drink. The evening far exceeded our execrations and we hope to see you all at our upcoming October 17th event.

Passing the Torch

A note from Matthew Fisher, Executive Director and Former Board-Chair: “It is with great pride and excitement that I hand the Chairmanship of Inception to Exhibition’s board to Orin Kurtz. I am so proud of our growth during my time as the head of ITE’s Board and I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all our board members for the opportunity to chair this organization. I must also thank ITE’s first Board Chair, the talented and dedicated Rebecca Kellog who really established how this position functions and how the board supports ITE’s mission. I look forward with great anticipation to Orin’s tenure. I have every confidence in his ability to navigate the next stage of our growth. Please join me in wishing him luck in his new role!”

Weekly Twitter Chats

Want more ITE? Join our weekly Twitter Chats every Wednesday at 9pm EST to get behind the scenes access to all of the affiliated ITE artists as well as the people who founded the organization and the boards that support ITE. We have had wonderful conversations with musicians, dancers, writers, and directors. View the link to last week’s chat with FullStop Collective.

Richard Brownbill Photography Exhibit Sells Out

On January 20th 2012/13 Space Grant Winner Richard Brownbill showcased his newest work. TheAndre jump event was a huge success and incorporated additional 2012/13 ITE Space Grant Winners Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company and MADboots Dance Company. We could not be more thrilled!