ITE Supporters

ITE would like to express our appreciation for your generosity. Your personal commitment is incredibly helpful and allows us to reach our goal of enabling artists to create works by providing rehearsal, performance, administrative, gallery, archival, and retail spaces, and by promoting interdisciplinary art projects. Thank you from all of us you are appreciated.

Platinum Level: Paul Ukena

Silver Level: Michael Carter & Marcie Brown Carter, Matthew Fisher, Tiffany Rea-Fisher, Rebecca Kellogg, Orin Kurtz, Adetokumboh M’Cormack, Marcya Sheats, and Drew Vogt

Bronze Level: Pamela & Michael Carter, Lisa & Peter Engstrom, Dorothy & Rosco Fanning, Peter Fisher & Andrea Hedin, Roger & Mary Hedin, Robin Gallant, David Garson, Alex de Miranda, Katherine Torres,Rima Vargas-Vetter , and Karen Rea-Williams

Patron Level: Jesse Crowder & Andriana Iudice, Anne & Charlie Farrell, Sarah & Ben Segal, Steve Sabba

Friend Level: Spencer Carter, Charmagne Chi, Jen & Drew Engstrom, Lisa & Todd Engstrom, Karen & Joel Erickson, Kyla Ernst-Alper, Charles Huang, Marta Karamuz, Laura & Lyle Kellogg, Laura Norman, and Theresa Ragan.

Associate Level: Sue & Al Adams, Allison Doolittle, Kevin Johnson, Eugene Keller, Leora Kellogg, Tom Ralabate, Sandy & Tom Stuart, Leta Trembley,and Marlana Walsh-Doyle.

Giving Levels

As a not-for-profit organization we rely primarily on private donations.  Across the arts, government and private grants make up less than a sixth of the funding for arts organizations, and even less for small and up-and-coming endeavors. Please consider making a donation at one of the following levels.

  • Platinum: $5,000
  • Gold: $2500
  • Silver: $1000
  • Bronze: $500
  • Patron: $250
  • Friend: $100
  • Associate: $50