Regina Spektor’s theatrical piano meets Bourbon Street…

At age thirteen, Susannah played accompaniment for a tiny Pentecostal church located in strip mall behind the local McDonald’s. “While the preacher implored the Lord in tongues, I was learning how to vamp on pop chords- I had to keep ‘anointment’.”

Today, she summons a darker, saucier anointment, channeling Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple with a pure white electronic keyboard, supported by a full band with a New Orleans swing.

The EP is an upbeat Ode to the “Slightly Umployed” hustler, with a healthy sense of 21st century existentialism: “I just want to stay in bed/and get my news on Instagram”

Expect glitter, hope, swearwords, and a story about falling for a White Collar Criminal.

All ticket purchases include complimentary food and wine as well as a free download.

Opening Performance (Kyle Lacy) at 7PM
Susannah Winspear at 7:30PM


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